Fall in New York is a great place to be. See the National Conference in Schenectady NY October 7 - 11, 2005.

These are some of the USCPFA Chapter members who were honored for their volunteer service to the USCPFA and Chinese American Friendship. From left, Frankie and Dr. Bill Wu (Kansas City), Irv Zuckerman (NY), Yun Soong Jim (HA), Walter Chang, and Diane Wong. Yun Soong Jim and Diane Wong accepted the Koji Ariyoshi Award for the late Walter Lum.

.China: Past is Prologue was the title of our National Convention held at the Congress Plaza Hotel on Michigan Avenue overlooking scenic Grant Park and Lake Michigan in Chicago. It was a great location and in close proximity to both the Art Institute of Chicago and the Field Museum of Natural History, each housing important China collections, and to Chicago's Chinatown.

The recently concluded USCPFA National Conference in Chicago was quite an event for many of us who made the trip to the Windy City in October 17-19, 2003. Besides the great weather and the opportunity to wander around Chicago, the Congress Plaza hotel was a great location and setting for our conference. We really must commend the Chicago Chapter for putting on such a well planned and scheduled event that for many of us, it left us wishing we had more time to sit in on more of the sessions. The caliber of the speakers was really top notch.
Some of my favorites included Harry Hou, Professor College of DuPage who talked about the evolution of the Chinese Character language from the early pictograms to what we have today. He was very informative and it was a very interesting topic to see how characters evolved. Another in the Arts and Philosophy track of programs was from K.H. Han, the Presidential Teaching Professor of Northern Illinois University. His discussion was on Chinese musical instruments both past and present and how the modern Chinese orchestra developed and became the wonderful sound it is today.

There were two other tracks of programs that you could take advantage of during the conference. One was on Commerce and had topics and speakers covering everything from the Chinese Auto industry to Privatization of the Chinese Banking system to the Import Drug regulations of China. The last track covered Science, Technology, and Society and covered topics from traditional Chinese medicine to Religion, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law in China. Incredible programs.

I hope that you will find one of the USCPFA leaders who attended this event and have them talk to your chapter about what we are, and have accomplished and the wonderful sessions we attended. What follows will be some pictures and notes from the event. Thank you again, Keith, Roger, Pat, and all of the wonderful people from Chicago.

Some of the Chinese dignitary guests of the USCPFA President Barbara Harrison. L-R are the head of Shanghai's People Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Director of the Soon Ching Ling Foundation of Beijing, Chicago Consul General Xu Jinzhong, another guest from Soon Ching Ling, and the head of the Chinese Peoples Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.
All of our Chinese guests and friends had a group picture with President Barbara Harrison.
The Gold Room is the premier banquet hall of the Chicago Plaza, and is considered one of the most beautiful places for such an event anywhere in the world. Featured in Hollywood movies.
Janice Yang was part of our musical entertainment for the Saturday banquet in the Gold Room. She was wonderful.
Many members from throughout the country and many overseas visitors were part of this terrific conference. The top left picture has Film maker Chen Defu with Keith Kraseman and famous Beijing news reporter Zhang Yan and his wife Pei Yusun with Elena Lu (Alburqueque) and guest. Top Right is Committee Chair Keith Krasemann and Pat Beltz of the Chicago chapter, below them is the members of Chicago chapter who were instrumental in putting on this wonderful conference, and finally, lower left are members of the Kansas City chapter at one of the receptions.
Zhang Yan and his wife Pei Yusun discuss the film project with President Barbara Harrison. Zhang Yan has been covering the news in China since before the revolution and is one of the most widely respected news journalist in Chica. During the conference, part of his talk was filmed as part of an ongoing documentary by Chen Dufu about China and American people.
Thanks so much to Linda Hanley, Kansas City, for all of these great pictures !
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