Hosted in 2009 by Northwestern University, at its Norris Center, Louis Room, 3rd Floor,

1999 Campus Dr., Evanston, IL 60208 [Parking: Sheridan Rd/Campus Dr., Trains: Foster Sta/PurpleLine. walk East]


PRICE: $20Adult, $30 Family ($5 extra at the door), $5 Student (College or Graduate), Teacher

For Directions, Public Transportation, Parking, see

Presented by Scholars and Officials at Chicagoland Universities, Museums and Other Organizations and

Originated and Organized Under the auspices of the US China Peoples Friendship Association-Chicago Chapter

ONSITE REGISTRATIONVMorning Prog.:  9:30-10:00 am, Afternoon China Talks: 11:40 - 12:40 pm;


10am-Noon:  N.U. PhD Candidate China Smorgasbord on Sociology, Art History (2) and Political Science Topics (presented by 4 N.U. Graduate Students, see description to be attached as separate page)


12:40-55 PM      WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS [approx. 3 minutes each]                                        (10/1 Draft)

President, US-China Peoples Friendship Association-Chicago Chapter: Roger Noback

Consul General, Chinese Consulate in Chicago: Hon. Huang Ping

Program Director, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies: Prof. Peter Carroll

President, Northwestern University (invited): Hon. Morton Schapiro


1 PM

KEYNOTE ADDRESS (Louis Room):  The Pacifist Tradition in China, presented by James Hevia, Professor, International and Chinese History, University of Chicago

CHINA TALKS [Order and Times of Speakers Subject to Adjustment]




(A) Rm. TBD


(B) Rm. TBD




Intros: Jane Wu/Louise Ni

Intros: Tom Keating/Shi Han

Intros: Robert Rush/Jeff Kamrow


2 PM


Li-Kuo Chang, Comparing Chinese and Western Music (tent. title); Assistant Principal Violist, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Preston Torbert or colleague; [Chinas New Monopoly Law and Its Effect on Acquisitions in China; Updates (targeted topic)]; Partner, Baker & McKenzie (founder, China Practice)


Brook Ziporyn; [Topic on Daoism TBD]; Prof. Religion, Northwestern U.


3 PM


Licheng Gu, [Topic on Chinese Literature TBD]; Prof., Chinese Language, Northwestern U.


Yiu Por (Vincent) Chen; [Topic on Chinese Labor Relations]; Prof. DePaul University

Jin-cheng Zhao, M.D.; [Chinas Newly Announced Healthcare System, working title]; Prof. U. Chicago, Pritzker School of Medicine


4 PM


Judith Zeitlin; Kunqu Opera in China Today (tent. title);; Prof., Chinese Literature, U. of Chicago

Jianxun Li, PhD; Building An Internatinal Chinese Antibody Company (tent. title); President and Founder, Proteintech Group, Inc.

Peter Carroll; Architectural Preservation in China: Its History in Suzhou (tent. title); Prof. Chinese History, Northwestern U.

Note: China Talks are 50 minutes long (including approx. 10 minutes of Q&A), with 10 minute break between each talk.  The 3 rooms for each track of talks are near each other.


5-5:45 PM: RECEPTION: refreshments with Chinese appetizers and Chinese Reception/Recital Music:  Ms. Janice Yang, President, Yellow River Performing Arts USA, on the Zhang (Chinese harp/zither), with erhu accompanist, Mr. Li Guang Long:; 630.893.6044


Other Events During Annual China Festival 2009, hosted Nov. 4-Dec. 6, 2009 by Northwestern U.

****USCPFA Annual China Friendship/Beijing Art Exhibits 2009, Nov. 5-Dec. 6, Dittmar Gallery, Norris Center, Northwestern U:

5+ Genres of Chinese Art: Traditional and Contemporary, by Master Artists in China, including Chinese Traditional Painting, Ink Painting, Folk Art, Photography, and Contemporary Art.

****USCPFA Annual China Friendship/Beijing Performing Arts Gala 2009, Fri-Sat Nights, Dec 4 & 5, Cahn Auditorium, Northwestern U. (including Chinese Dance, Vocal, Instrumental, Kunqu and Peking Opera by leading Beijing Artists).

      ***Order Tickets for Beijing Performing Arts Gala at after Oct. 19***       CfaACf09PromoCombo10109WkspAriel


                                                                                                [DRAFT 9/28/09]

SAVE-THE-DATESXFri-Sat. Nights, Dec. 4-5, 2009, 8-10 PM

Annual China Friendship

Beijing Performing Arts Gala 2009:

Chinese Dance, Vocal, Instrumental, Acrobatics and

Kunqu and Peking Opera


$12 Tickets (with limited select seating at $20 and $50)

($5 Northwestern U. students)

Northwestern Universitys Cahn Auditorium

600 Emerson St., Evanston, IL 60201

(Corner of Sheridan Rd. and Emerson St.)

TRAINS: 3 blocks East of Foster St. Purple Line CTA station;

PARKING: 2½ blocks North of Parking Garage at Church and Chicago (which becomes Sheridan Rd.)


***Order Tickets at***

also available at Norris Box Office

Tickets on Sale after Oct. 19

Questions? Call or Email Norris Box Office: 847-491-2305;


Program includes up to the following number of selections of the following genres by Master and other performers in Beijing (including professors and teachers at the China Conservatory in Beijing, Chinas leading traditional music conservatory, and teachers, performers and actors from the China National Opera Troupe, China National Symphony Orchestra, China Traditional Opera College, North Kunqu Troupe, Beijing Acrobatic Troupe, and Beijing Dance College):


1)                 10 vocal and opera acts (including Peking and Kunqu Opera, which, in 2001, was designated by UNESCO as a masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity).

2)                 8 Folk dances from a representative cross-section of Minority Peoples in China (e.g., Miao people from Yunnan province, Chinas Shangri-La).

3)                 2 acrobatic acts by a duo of rising young stars, who accompanied Chinas President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao at International Venues.

4)                 3 instrumental pieces on suona (Chinese oboe) and sheng (reed instrument with multiple vertical pipes, traditional accompaniment for Kunqu and other opera).


Presented Jointly by

US China Peoples Friendship Association-Chicago Chapter and Yellow River Performing Arts USA

In association with, in 2009, the Northwestern University Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Program and Professors in China Studies Areas of Chinese Language, History, Political Science, Religion and Art History







5+ Genres of Chinese Art: Traditional and Contemporary

By Master Artists in China

Nov. 4-Dec. 6, 2009
Traditional Chinese Painting/Ink Painting
Folk Art/Photos/Contemporary Art

Presented by the US China Peoples Friendship Association-Chicago Chapter,

Celebrating its 35th Anniversary in 2009,,

Hosted, in 2009, by
DITTMAR GALLERY at Northwestern University
Norris University Center, 1999 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60208
Celebrating both: 60th Anniversary of the Peoples Republic of China and

30th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the US and China

TRAINS: Foster St. Purple Line CTA Station and walk East through campus;
PARKING: Campus Parking Garage. is 2 blocks S. of Dittmar Gallery, at Sheridan Rd. and Campus Dr.; Daily Univ. parking permits not needed Sat & Sun and after 4 pm weekdays; permits available at 1819 Hinman Ave., Evanston, IL 60208.  For directions, maps, parking permits, and public transportation (CTA and Buses)
see;  Hours? 10 am-10pm, every day.


VISIT the following EXHIBITS to see up to the following number of artworks (see reverse side for more information):

Chinese Traditional Paintings, 12 paintings by 12 artists on the themes: river, mountain, flower, bird, by Master and other artists in Beijing.

Ink Painting Show of 10 works by Mr. Zhu Mingde, called a living national artistic treasure in Beijing, on the quintessential Chinese motif, FISH.

Chinese Folk Art from Beijing, featuring works by Masters and others of the following genres: Kite craft and art (12); Paper-Cuts (24); Snuff-bottle painting (exquisite miniature painting from inside a bottle - 6), and miniature Dough Figurine Sculpture (6)

Photography Exhibit, consisting of 40 photos by over 20 prominent Beijing photographers, on the theme, Beijing at Night.

Contemporary Art, up to 6 works by professors of the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, one of the 3 top art schools in China (photographs of art works)


The Art Exhibits and accompanying Visiting Delegation Exhibiting Beijing Artists are events of the Annual China Festival 2009 (ACF-09), hosted in 2009 by Northwestern University; originated and organized under auspices of the USCPFA-Chicago Chapter, in association, in 2009, with the Northwestern U. Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Program and Professors in China Studies Areas of Chinese Language, History, Political Science, Religion and Art History

Other ACF-09 events hosted by Northwestern University include the following:

***Annual China Symposium 2009, Sat. Nov. 14, 2009 at Norris Center in the Louis Room and

***Annual China Friendship Beijing Performing Arts Gala 2009, Fri and Sat night, Dec. 4 & 5, 2009 at Northwestern U.s Cahn Auditorium,  featuring Chinese Dance, Vocal, Instrumental, Acrobatics and Kunqu and Peking Opera by leading Beijing Performing Artists.

For tickets, registration and program information for other ACF-09 Events, see



On Sat. Nov. 7, 2009, 11 am-2pm

Evanston Art Center, 2603 Sheridan Rd, Evanston, IL 60201

BY BEIJING VISUAL ARTISTS, selected from among

Masters of Chinese Traditional Painting-3, Ink Painting-1,

Folk Art-3 (Kite Art & Craft, Paper-Cuts, Snuff Bottle Painting); Photography-2, Chinese Calligraphy-1

Demonstrate their Techniques and Show their Work

Presented by the US China Peoples Friendship Association-Chicago Chapter,

Celebrating its 35th Anniversary in 2009,,

Nov. 4-Dec. 6, 2009 at Northwestern Us Dittmar Gallery, (details on reverse side)
Celebrating both: 60th Anniversary of the Peoples Republic of China and

30th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the US and China




       Mr. Zhu Mingde, Ink Painting show. Mr. Zhu, called a living national artistic treasure in Beijing, presents a show of up to 10 contemporary versions of Chinese traditional Ink Paintings (colored and black-and-white) on the quintessentially Chinese motif, FISH.  The show presents seemingly endless variations integrating fish motifs with other images (including other fish).  Aesthetic masterpieces by themselves, the fish motif is also central to many facets of China, including without limitation its cuisine, livelihood, ingenuity, and iconography.  According to Mr. Zhu, each painting is typically imbued with several layers of meaning, despite the seeming ease (but juxtaposed combination of care) with which each masterpiece is composed.

       Mr. Li Yaolin, Traditional Chinese Painting, represented by his painting entitled, Fragrance. The flowers beauty and aroma and symbolism of integrity and prosperity are presented to you by color, shape and the stroke of the brush. A graduate of China Central Fine Art Institute, he presented a single artist exhibit entitled City Soul, and his works are collected by both Chinese and Western collectors.

       Ms. Jin Na, Traditional Chinese Painting, represented by her work about Xishuangbanna, an area of Yunnan Province inhabited by Chinese minority people. It is about the undying power of nature and the beautiful blending of people with nature.  She is Assistant Professor at Qinghua University School of Fine Arts and authored many books on Chinese Traditional Painting, including, Bird and Flower Painting From Song Dynasty and Realistic Painting of Birds and Flowers.

       Mr. He Kangmin, photographer, In 1991, his photo won the second prize in the National News Photos Competition theme on Asian Games. In 1994, he won the first prize in Beijing News Photo Contest. In 2002, his photo works on Changan Street of Beijing was collected by Capital Library. In 2003, he received the award from the City government for both his art and his integrity. In 2004, Beijing Workers Union and Beijing Cultural Administration conferred the title Worker Artist on him. In 2007 he received award from both the Beijing City construction Group and BFLA for his great contribution towards the prosperity of Beijing art sector.

       Mr. Gao Dongsheng, snuff bottle painting (folk art, painting inside a miniature bottle). The title Folk Artist was bestowed on him by UNESCO in 1996. He participated in culture exchange activities in USA, Canada, Britain, Italy, Denmark and Spain and painted portraits for both UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the Queen of Denmark.                                                   .                                                                                                               CfaACF09PromoCombo10109WkspAriel